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Vision and mission

Fast Four was founded in 2012 in the belief that this system would truly be able to help entrepreneurs

We believe that companies that have a good and comprehensive overview of all their business activities are able to work more efficient and are therefore better able to quickly respond to relevant development and thus grow. This is what we want to help businesses with. That is our drive.
Young, starting entrepreneurs and the existing generation of CFOs increasingly use Cloud systems. They need a comprehensive ERP package for the best possible insight. A system that combines ERP, CRM and e-commerce. NetSuite fulfils this need.
Each company is different and this often requires customisation. A challenge task which we would be glad to address, which is not strictly limited to IT. Understanding companies and seeing how business processes should work is the starting point. The IT solution follows. Our goal: providing pragmatic solutions that are better than those of the competitor.
We find it fantastic to transform a company and make it ready for the future. Two-thirds of all SME still use an outdated software version. This must change. We can very rapidly implement the technology of the future. Often, this takes no more than three months. Fast Four simply does it!


Message from the founders

Fast Four was founded by two consultants who had implemented NetSuite at a customer.

The parent company of our former employer Nuon, Vattenfall, asked us to manage the implementation of an ERP system at a biomass producer in Liberia. A great adventure! We finally chose for the NetSuite ERP system. This system was able to do everything we wanted and stood out in terms of ease of use, as it is fully Cloud-based. After using it for two years, we were convinced that this was the ERP system of the future, and saw great market opportunities for it in the Netherlands.

We have started Fast Four, the Dutch NetSuite partner, in 2012. Now, a few years later, we are glad to see that we have become a complete supplier in the NetSuite environment. We are able to successfully and on-time deliver NetSuite implementation projects. In addition to the NetSuite standard solution we are able to provide customised solutions for unique situations at companies. We provide smart add-on modules (SuiteApps) that make life of a NetSuite user easier. And we have our internal support team that allows us to better and quicker serve our customers.

We see companies progress with the NetSuite implementation as a foundation. We see that we really make a difference. That feels really good. It is also good to see that the Dutch market is ready for NetSuite. The ‘5 Star Award’ we have received from NetSuite demonstrates this.

Netsuite about Fast Four

Fast Four has been a NetSuite SDN partner for 5 years and is also a 5 Star Solution Provider. Founded in 2012 by a customer, with the purpose of creating a market for NetSuite in their home region before NetSuite had any presence there. They are a trailblazer in Cloud software for both NetSuite implementations and SuiteApp development and are a company that created a true multi-national partnership with us, with over 100 joint customers to prove success.

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