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Business Transformation Services

Our Business Transformation Services department helps you design or optimise your NetSuite environment to maximise support of your strategic endeavours

At FastFour we understand your business and its environment are ever changing. Extending your business to new geographical territories, rolling out new products or services, legislation changes and technical development for instance are all factors that require you to re-align your IT environment with your business needs. At FastFour we understand your NetSuite environment not only needs to support your strategic endeavours, but needs to be up-to-date with the latest developments to remain ahead of the competition as well.

Our Business Transformation Services department offers a wide range of services to ensure your NetSuite environment is up-to-date with the latest features. Besides implementing newly released NetSuite features and modules and building integrations, we can assess your implementation to ensure your NetSuite environment is in optimal condition, both in the user interface and the scripting on the back end.

We offer localisation services in the Netherlands. Not only with a localisation bundle containing necessary tools and reports to run NetSuite for your business in the Netherlands, but also by supporting you on adapting your NetSuite environment to comply to any legislation changes in the Netherlands and Europe.

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