NetSuite implementation Assessment

Assess the completion, adoption and sanity of your NetSuite implementation


Functional Assessment

A functional assessment covers your functional solution flows and assess how well they support your business processes. We assess the completeness of your setup and check segregation of duties and verify your role-based security.

We analyse any available functional process flow documentation and investigate documentation on design decisions. In end-user interviews we analyse if
– the users have a thorough understanding of your processes in NetSuite
– how exceptions are managed
– if NetSuite supports your business processes to the highest possible extent
– which part of your processes is managed outside of NetSuite and if the design decisions to do so were valid
– if the setup offers sufficient consideration of segregation of duties/role restrictions
– if localisation requirements are met
– if master data is complete and correct

Technical assessment

Through a technical assessment we investigate:

– The performance script implementations. We investigate documentation on design decisions
– Implemented code to see if the code implementation uses best fit-for-purpose ones (script types, entry points, triggers, for instance, before submit vs. scheduled, Suitescript 1.0 vs. 2.0)
– The process around script performance management, monitoring approach.
– Your monitoring approach on errors
– The use of DTAP environments, approach to roll out of customisations to production account

Through analysis of performance on five key records we check were performance optimisation is possible.

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