Credit Card Import.

Import credit card statements with the use of a single tool for easy creation of credit card transactions. The App is NetSuite certified and NetSuite native, meaning it seamlessly integrates into your NetSuite.

The Credit Card Import is a guaranteed time-saver for every NetSuite customer using credit cards

  • Simplify processing of credit card transactions: handle an entire statement on one page
  • Increase productivity: easily select the GL account and a vendor (if applicable)
  • Set custom matching rules to automatically process the lines
  • Match the statement balance with the NetSuite balance for easy reconciliation
  • Eliminate manual data entry

The App can be activated by installing a SuiteBundle containing all the required functionalities. After installation of the bundle a credit card configuration is created based on the information in your provided credit card file. CSV import files are supported out of the box. Integration with your credit card provider is available upon request and at an extra charge.

Key features

  • Import CSV credit card statements to eliminate manual entry and reduce errors
  • Create custom matching rules for quick processing
  • All on one page: eliminates the standard creation of separate transactions for each line, simply select the customer and/or GL for each line
  • Easy reconciliation: simply complete all statement lines and verify that the balance matches the NetSuite balance
  • Support for NetSuite classifications: department, class and location
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Custom pricing

Pricing is per package of 10 credit card accounts per year plus an extra fee for installation and setup.

The annual fee includes:

  • Online knowledge base and support by e-mail
  • Maintenance and upgrades

Installation and setup includes:

  • Installation and setup of the credit card import tool
  • Setup of at least 1 credit card account
  • Assistance with custom matching rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fast Four Credit Card Import module includes its own import feature which supports CSV files. You can also import transactions either directly from your bank or credit card provider (for supported banks only) using Direct Connect. For more information on Direct Connect please go to: Direct connect for Credit Card Import is available for an extra charge per year.

This tool makes the creation of credit card statements even easier by retrieving the transaction details straight from your credit card provider with Direct Connect. No need to download or upload anymore.

Yes it is! Custom matching rules can be used to automatically set certain values on the statement line such as account, name, department, class and location, automatically on import. These matching rules work as simple "if...then..." statements description field. Custom matching rules can be created and maintained easily in the user interface.

- Automatic matching of A/P transactions available - Use custom matching rules to pre-populate fields such as account, relation, department, location and class for easy processing with custom matching rules - Choose from 2 transaction types: create a credit card transaction or journal entry - Pop-up with suggested transactions for easy matching

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