The Fast Four way of implementing NetSuite.

An agile NetSuite implementation.


The new way of implementing ERP

In our search for the perfect ERP implementation methodology, we started working "Agile"

With traditional ERP implementations the customer’s requirements are scoped fully before starting the project. This happens during long scoping workshops. This “scope” is then configured during a configuration phase and finally tested at the end of the project. The problem here is that usually the customer is not heavily involved in the project after the initial workshops. If anything was missed during the workshops or if new requirements pop-up during configuration this is only discovered during testing. The implementation team then has to go back to the drawing table and the project is delayed.

Agile implementation are all about collaboration between the partner and the customer. The work is divided in small chunks called “sprints”. During these sprints the partner and customer work closely together. The requirements for a sprint are clearly defined at the start of the sprint, based on “user stories”. These user stories are based on standard functionalities in the system. Additional requirements on top of the standard are scoped and the workload is defined and agreed upon. Every sprint ends with a demonstration session in which the delivered work is shown to the customer. Because of this close collaboration all “Key-users” of the customer get trained in a natural way and become the flag carriers within the company. They are then able to train other employees during the project and support them after go-live.

Summary of Agile approach


  • Work is divided into “Sprints”. These are intervals of 2-3 weeks in which the combined project team works on a defined set of tasks.
  • The scope of a sprint is agreed upon at the start of the sprint, by both parties.
  • At the end of sprint there is Demo session, in which the development of that sprint is shown to the customer.
  • Full collaboration between the partner and the customer.
  • The partner advises and configures. The customer tests and validates the development, both on an ongoing basis.

Our experience

Going “Agile” has been one of our best decisions in the past 6 year. The success rate of our projects has highly increased and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We would be happy to chat to you about our experiences and how we could use this in your NetSuite implementation project. We can also connect you to one of our customers to share their experiences with this methodology. Contact us today to start the conversation!

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