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Why work with a partner for your NetSuite implementation?


Managing change is team work

Local expertise

Fast Four has been a NetSuite partner since 2012. It was the pioneer of NetSuite in the Netherlands. Fast Four was started out of a believe that an ERP implementation is complex and need the guidance of an qualified partner to be successful. NetSuite is a broad solution used in several industries. It is crucial that the system is configured in the right way to fit the specific business needs.

As a NetSuite partner, Fast Four can help with anything relating to NetSuite. We can advise during an ERP selection, demo the software and help you to figure out if the system is a fit for your company. We can help with the full implementation, using our “Agile” methodology. After an implementation we can offer local support and our expertise to assist you with future developments in the system.

We are also here to help existing NetSuite customers. We can support ongoing implementations if additional resources are required or make consultants available to work on enhancements of the system after go-live.

Why work with a partner?


  • In-person support of your project. Implement the system together with an experienced consultant who can work with you onsite
  • Profit from add-ons and applications that have been developed by the partner
  • An experienced partner has implemented NetSuite dozens of times. They know the do’s and don’ts of the system and they developed best practices to make the system work in the optimal way
  • With a partner you are never a number. Customer success is crucial for a partner. They will always do whatever they can to ensure your project is a success
  • Full support after the project. A partner can offer local support after the implementation and support with any future development requirements
  • A partner has local knowledge, understands the local tax and legal requirements and can make sure the system setup supports these

Why Fast Four?

Fast Four has been the NetSuite expert of the Netherlands since 2012. Founded by young entrepreneurs, it is our mission to help Dutch mid-size companies with their NetSuite implementation. Our team has successfully completed more than 50 NetSuite implementations, giving them in-depth knowledge of the system. We are very careful in hiring the right fit for our company, personality is just as important as experience. Our consultants will do everything they can to ensure your project is a success. We have developed dozens of smart solutions and add-on for NetSuite that we make available for all our customers. Because of this experience we are also able to tackle very specific requests and processes, enabling us to really design the perfect setup for you.


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